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Furniture Stores

Working capital and Merchant cash advance solutions for furniture stores When it comes to running a furniture store, your customers look to you to provide superior service, valuable advice, and high quality furniture to suit their individual needs. You provide them with beautiful home furnishings that can make their dining room or living room feel more like home. Being able to provide these invaluable services to your customers can be a wonderful feeling, but it comes at a cost. Juggling the logistics of managing your inventory and maintaining the delicate balance of your cash flow can sometimes feel like a…


Gas Stations

Working capital and merchant cash advances solutions for gas stations It can be difficult to receive financing for starting or running your gas station business. Traditional lenders such as banks have strict underwriting policies that can make it almost impossible to qualify for a loan. Not only that, environmental concerns from potential lenders can also make receiving a loan a challenge. Having enough funding to purchase inventory and pay your employees is a crucial part of running a successful gas station business. When business slows down, these things can be difficult to do and it can be a stressful situation…


Gift Shops

Working capital loans and merchant cash advance solutions for gift shops Running a gift shop can be a rewarding as well as profitable experience. Tourists look to your gift shop to purchase quality souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. Making sure that you have the funds to have a wide selection of merchandise and sufficient inventory on hand is crucial to making sure your gift shop is profitable. With business loans becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, finding a reliable funding source for your gift shop can be a challenge. With instabilities in your cash flow due to seasonal fluctuations…


Green Energy Businesses

Working capital loans and Equipment loans for green energy businesses With the surge in environmental awareness across the U.S., more and more people are looking to use more environmentally friendly sources of energy. As a green energy business owner, it is your job to satisfy those market needs in the most cost effective way possible. But, when it comes to financing the expensive technology that is required to harness alternative energy sources, it can be difficult to obtain a loan for your business. Traditional lending sources such as banks have strict lending policies that restrict you from using the funds…


Healthcare Businesses

Equipment loans and working capital loans for healthcare businesses Operating a healthcare business can be a very rewarding experience. Helping your clients feel better can make you feel good about what you do, but sometimes, being able to take care of your clients can be an expensive ordeal, as the costs of medical equipment and hiring additional employees are on the rise. Many times, in order to help your business grow, you need a boost in capital. At Zip Capital Group, we offer affordable financing options for your healthcare business. With our ability to lend between $5,000 and $2,500,000 and…


Manufacturing Businesses

Working capital loans and equipment loans for manufacturing businesses In the manufacturing business, your cash flow is everything. What happens when a client fails to pay on time and your working capital wears thin? If you don’t have enough working capital on hand to purchase the materials needed to create your products or don’t have enough money budgeted to account for a piece of equipment that has broken down, your operation is dead in the water. Zip Capital Group financing solutions for manufacturing businesses At Zip Capital Group, we’re here to prevent those situations from ever happening. We can provide…