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New and Used Car Dealerships


Working capital loans for new and used car dealerships

Operating a car dealership in this day and age can be difficult. Between having enough funds for launching a marketing campaign or needing enough money to hire skilled salespeople, it can be expensive to promote and maintain your business.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for new and used car dealerships to help grow the business.

Your customers look to you for help when it comes to purchasing the right vehicle for their specific needs. It is critical to have a wide selection on hand so that customers have all of the options that they need to find the right vehicle for them. Sometimes, adding additional vehicles to the fleet is not an option because you don’t have the capital to purchase more space.


Zip Capital Group financing solutions for new and used car dealerships

At Zip Capital Group, we provide fast and easy financing solutions for any of your dealership’s needs. Whether you want to expand your business, hire new employees, or just want a cushion of extra capital, Zip Capital Group can provide you with the funding that you need to help your business grow and succeed.

Getting funding for your car dealership from traditional lenders such as banks can be a long and painful hassle. The loan application process can make you feel like they are making you jump through hoops. Waiting for your new bank loan to be funded can take months, making the process all the more painful.

Zip Capital Group funding process

At Zip Capital Group, we offer financing between $5,000 and $2,500,000. Our streamlined lending process can fund your loan in as little as 48 hours. If bad credit is an issue, no problem. We have finance solutions for you as well.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for new and used car dealerships.

About Zip Capital Group

Zip Capital Group is a leading small and medium-sized business lender working with companies in a wide range of industries. We can help your business with:

Contact us or call (800) 795-3919 to talk to a new and used car dealership funding specialist.

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