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Trucking Companies

Working capital loans for Trucking Companies The trucking industry continues to thrive, even in bad economic conditions. Whether you’re just getting started in the trucking industry and are looking to capture a piece of the marketplace or are a well experienced veteran in the industry, a reliable source of funding for your trucking business is a critical aspect of running and growing your business successfully.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for trucking companies. When unexpected breakdowns occur, you need to get the funds to get up and running again quickly. When it comes to traditional lending sources such as…


Retail Businesses

Merchant cash advance for retail businesses As a retail store owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of consumer spending trends and to adjust your stock of inventory accordingly. Ensuring that you have enough stock on hand is critical in maintaining your store’s profitability.  Zip Capital Group has merchant cash advance for retail businesses. During the busy seasons, making sure to have enough capital available for use is vital in making sure that if shortages do occur, that you have enough funds to restock inventory immediately. But sometimes, when cash is running low, you need a boost in funding…



Working Capital Loans for Restaurants Running a successful restaurant business can be difficult work. Between managing staff, satisfying customers and ensuring that your business is staying profitable, making sure that you have enough cash on hand at all times is critical in running a successful restaurant business.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for restaurants to help you grow your business. Whether cash is running low due to a lull in customers or short on supplies and need to restock, not having enough funds on hand at times can be a stressful situation. Getting funding from traditional sources such as…


New and Used Car Dealerships

Working capital loans for new and used car dealerships Operating a car dealership in this day and age can be difficult. Between having enough funds for launching a marketing campaign or needing enough money to hire skilled salespeople, it can be expensive to promote and maintain your business.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for new and used car dealerships to help grow the business. Your customers look to you for help when it comes to purchasing the right vehicle for their specific needs. It is critical to have a wide selection on hand so that customers have all of…


Medical Offices

Working capital loans for medical offices As a medical or dental professional, your patients look to you for your expertise and to provide quality care. As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that your finances stay in check. When unexpected problems arise, such as an equipment breakdown, medical professionals don’t have the time to wait for a traditional bank loan that could take months. You don’t have time to run your business around your bank. Your patients are depending on you to keep them healthy.  Zip Capital Group provides working capital loans for medical offices to help…


Liquor Stores

Working capital loans for liquor stores Liquor stores have been shown to do well no matter what state the economy is in. Getting a reliable source of funding to expand your liquor store business can sometimes be a long and difficult process.  Zip Capital Group has working capital loans for liquor stores to help them meet their business goals. Traditional sources for funding such as banks make you jump through hoops in order to receive a loan. In many cases, after going through the process of applying for a loan, it may take you months to receive the funds you…


Hotels and Motels

Working capital loans for hotels and motels Every year, millions of people in the U.S. look to hotels and motels for lodging. Whether they are on a business trip or on vacation with their family, they are looking for safe, clean lodging at an affordable price.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for hotels and motels. With the high operating costs of running a hotel, seasonal fluctuations in business can have a massive impact on your backup capital. That’s why it is critical to have access to reliable funding. Many traditional lenders see hotels and motels as a risky investment,…


Distributors and Wholesalers

Working capital loans for distributors and wholesalers The distribution and wholesale industry is an essential part of the supply chain for many businesses across the United States. We know that when your inventory is low and you don’t have enough capital to restock, it can be a very stressful and slow process to gather the necessary funds through traditional sources.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for distributors and wholesalers. That’s where Zip Capital Group comes in.In an industry such as wholesaling or distribution, access to necessary capital in a fast manner is critical in running a successful business. We…


Construction Companies

Working capital loans for construction companies Since the economic downturn of 2008, the construction industry has been regaining momentum and the many diverse groups within the construction industry are recovering at different rates. Some segments are growing faster than others, but overall, things are looking up.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for construction companies. When it comes to your construction business, maintaining a steady cash flow can sometimes be difficult, especially with clients that are late with their payment for your work. Material suppliers demanding immediate payment can put a strain on your available working capital and can cause…


Beauty Salons & Spas

Working capital loans for beauty salons and spas As a beauty salon or spa owner, it is your job to make sure that your customers are always looking and feeling their best. In order to make them look and feel their best, you need access to high quality products and equipment, but when business slows down and your funds are running low, it can be stressful to try to find the funding to continue the smooth operation of your business.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for beauty salons and spas. Zip Capital Group financing solutions for beauty salons and…

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