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Healthcare Businesses


Equipment loans and working capital loans for healthcare businesses

Operating a healthcare business can be a very rewarding experience. Helping your clients feel better can make you feel good about what you do, but sometimes, being able to take care of your clients can be an expensive ordeal, as the costs of medical equipment and hiring additional employees are on the rise.

Many times, in order to help your business grow, you need a boost in capital. At Zip Capital Group, we offer affordable financing options for your healthcare business. With our ability to lend between $5,000 and $2,500,000 and fund your loan in as little as 48 hours, you no longer have to worry about finding a reliable source of funding for your healthcare business.


Healthcare business expenses eligible as a use of loan proceeds

Where traditional lending sources such as banks have strict guidelines on their ability to lend, we offer flexible lending for all types of business expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Paying to train new employees.
  • Increasing marketing and advertising for improved brand awareness.
  • Purchasing medical equipment and supplies.
  • Paying for licensing and insurance expenses.
  • Constructing new buildings or expanding existing buildings.

We provide quick and professional service and with our simple online application process, you can be approved for a loan in as little as 24 to 48 hours, even if you have bad credit.

About Zip Capital Group

Zip Capital Group is a leading small and medium-sized business lender working with companies in a wide range of industries. We can help your business with:

Contact us or call (800) 795-3919 to talk to a healthcare business financing specialist.

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