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Bars and Nightclubs

Funding solutions for bars and nightclubs Owning a bar or nightclub can be a unique and exciting experience. It can also be a stressful and unforgiving business if your finances aren’t in order. Due to the unpredictability and highly competitive nature of the business, traditional lending sources such as banks find bars and nightclubs a risky investment. This means that it can be very difficult to get loans from lenders. Zip Capital Group financing solutions for bar and nightclubs At Zip Capital Group, we provide flexible lending opportunities for bar and nightclub owners that typically wouldn’t otherwise be available from…


Auto Repair

Equipment loans for Auto Repair businesses With almost 253 million cars out on the road in the U.S., and more older cars on the road than ever before, the services of reputable auto repair businesses are in great demand. Running a successful auto repair business requires access to capital to purchase supplies and obtain the necessary equipment to keep your auto repair business running smoothly. As any mechanic knows, working with the wrong tools or trying to do a job without the proper equipment can be inefficient as well as dangerous. Purchasing the right tools and equipment to get the…


Sporting Goods Stores

Merchant Cash Advance solutions for sporting goods stores Trying to make your sporting goods store stand out from the crowd can be a big challenge. Competing with massive corporate chains can make convincing your customers to come to your store seem like an impossible feat. But what is it that makes large corporate chains so successful? Access to massive quantities of capital gives these large corporate chains the edge by providing them with the funds to be able to offer a wider selection of sporting goods, as well as create marketing campaigns on an enormous scale to be able to…


Real Estate Management Services

Working capital loans for real estate management services Real estate management companies rely heavily on logistics. From managing groups of people to managing the cash flow of the company, it can be a stressful job making sure that you have enough capital on hand to pay your employees and give your tenants a comfortable place to live and work. When it comes to managing your cash flow, expenses such as appliance breakdown, broken windows and needing to hire additional employees can leave you with little working capital and sometimes you need an extra boost of capital to get your business…


Plumbing Businesses

Merchant cash advance solutions for plumbing and HVAC businesses From unclogging a shower drain on a Saturday afternoon to fixing an air conditioner on a sweltering summer day, the need for plumbers and HVAC technicians is unending. When your business starts to have customers calling your phone non-stop and your schedule becomes overloaded, bad things can start happening. Your work can become sloppy and customers can start getting angry when they are not able to speak to a live person during their plumbing or HVAC emergency. You also have an unbelievable number of spare parts you work with to you’re…


Aerospace Services

Financing solutions for Aerospace Service businesses As an Aerospace Service professional, it is your job to make sure that your clients have the safest aviation experience possible. Purchasing the correct aircraft part for the job and having a highly trained technician install the part could mean the difference between a smoothly operating airplane or an airplane that plummets to the earth from 30,000 feet. This same scenario can also be used to describe your business as well. The lives of your clients depend on you to hire the highest trained technicians possible and to purchase superior quality aircraft parts for…


Cleaning Service Businesses

Financing solutions for cleaning service businesses Cleaning services are in high demand. Whether you operate a carpet cleaning business, house cleaning business, or offer commercial janitorial services or anything in between, having access to enough capital to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment is essential in making sure that you can satisfy your customers and make them use your service again. Trying to get loans for your cleaning business can be a hassle. When getting a loan from a bank, they make you jump through hoops and sign mountains of paperwork and even after all of that effort, banks might see…


Commercial Businesses

Working capital loans and Equipment loans for commercial businesses In any commercial business, working capital is the lifeblood of the company. There are many unforeseen expenses such as equipment breakdown and high utility costs and when funds are low, it can make running your business profitably a difficult process. When working capital is low, you need access to funds at a moment’s notice. When it comes to getting a business loan from a bank, they can make the process a hassle by making you fill out enormous amounts of paperwork that is both time consuming and complicated. Banks have very…


Convenience Stores

Merchant cash advance solutions for convenience stores If you are a convenience store owner, customers look to you for quick and easy solutions to their problems. Whether they’re hungry for a quick snack or they need some medicine for their throbbing headache, it is critical that you have inventory on hand to provide them with solutions for their individual needs. It can be difficult competing against larger corporate convenience store chains and with every new competitor, comes a new obstacle of trying to get the customer in your door instead of theirs. Having enough funds to be able to compete…


Electronic Stores

Merchant cash advance and working capital loans for electronic stores Whether you are just starting an electronics store or have been operating one for years, having access to the necessary capital to grow your business and to compete with larger corporate chain stores is critical for your business’s success. In order to compete with larger chain stores, you need to increase your marketing and promotion as well as provide a wider selection of the most up-to-date electronics to satisfy the needs of your customers and keep them coming back for more. Case Study Case Study: Working capital loans for electronic…

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