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Distributors and Wholesalers


Working capital loans for distributors and wholesalers

The distribution and wholesale industry is an essential part of the supply chain for many businesses across the United States. We know that when your inventory is low and you don’t have enough capital to restock, it can be a very stressful and slow process to gather the necessary funds through traditional sources.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for distributors and wholesalers.

That’s where Zip Capital Group comes in.In an industry such as wholesaling or distribution, access to necessary capital in a fast manner is critical in running a successful business. We can help you by quickly supplying the necessary funding that you need in order to run your business smoothly and profitably.




Whether you need capital to restock your inventory, purchase new equipment, or simply just want an extra supply of funds on hand, Zip Capital Group can provide the funding necessary for you to stay ahead of the curve and give your business the freedom and flexibility that it needs to succeed.

Our streamlined process allows us to lend anywhere between $5,000 and $2,500,000 in a fast, safe and easy manner. Plus, our expert team will support you with any questions you may have at any step along the way.  Zip Capital Group offers working capital loans for distributors and wholesalers.

About Zip Capital Group

Zip Capital Group is a leading small and medium-sized business lender working with companies in a wide range of industries. We can help your business with:

Contact us or call (800) 795-3919 to talk to a distributor and wholesale business funding specialist.

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